World Health Organization


Topic: Addressing the Health Risks of GMOs to Eradicate the Global Social Stigma

Insects, weeds and weather. These were the original problems that led to the creation of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and as technology grew, as new innovations revolutionised the scientific world along with the human curiosity left unsatisfied, efforts soon began to enhance the nutritional values of certain organisms. Yet, technological advancements are supposed to be a good sign—right? Unfortunately, that’s not what the people think about GMOs. Short for genetically modified organisms, these biologically modified life forms have been enhanced to improve their functions and qualities. For one, more and more of the food we eat is being modified. People are reluctant to consume GMOs for a variety of reasons: the risk of contracting diseases and mental disorders, the presence of cultural norms, and so on. As a delegate of the World Health Organization, your task is to address the global stigma that continues to accumulate. Are the people overlooking the benefits? Should GMOs be banned altogether? The decision is in your hands!

Stephanie Karina Komala |

Hey everyone, I’m Stefi (I think my parents gave me this nickname after realizing that I didn’t look like a Stephanie)! I’m a high school senior hoping to major in politics and sociology. The knowledge that I’ve gained from MUN will be extremely valuable for my future, and I’m sure that you’ll benefit as well. With that being said, I can’t wait to chair this council with Ye Eun and Rafi. When I’m not doing MUN, I’m probably (1) dancing to Rex Orange Country in my room, (2) freaking out over the latest chapter of Blue Lock, or (3) staying up to complete my IB coursework. 

Ye Eun Kim |

Hi everyone! My name is Ye Eun and I am currently a high school senior attending Sinarmas World Academy. My deep interest in global health and politics influenced me to participate in MUN conferences 2 years ago and I fell in love with it ever since. I am beyond honored to represent my organization @telurbagibangsa, and super excited to meet with all of you delegates in EDUSUMMIT 2021. I can’t wait to chair this council alongside Stefi and Rafi and make sure to create a chill yet engaging environment, especially for those who are first timers! Anyways, aside from MUN, I spend my free time watching BuzzFeed Unsolved, Jubilee debates, and playing golf. If you have any questions or anything at all, please feel free to contact me at @yeeunxo. See you all there! 

Rafi Rahman Yahdieka |

Hello everyone!! My name is Rafi and I am currently a Year 9 student from Global Sevilla Pulo Mas. As someone who is deeply invested in public speaking, international affairs and politics in general MUN has always been something I am passionate about. In this summit I’ll be representing a non-profit I am secretary in which is . That being said, I really couldn’t wait to meet up with all of you in this conference and of course I am extremely excited to chair this committee with Stefi and Ye Eun. If you have any inquiries about the conference or general tips for WHO, feel free to contact me @rafi_rahmannn on insta :) Hoping to see many of you attending this committee!! We chairs are working hard to make this conference fun, interesting and enjoyable (with a dash of clownery on the side ✌🏻)