United Nations Human Rights Council


Topic: Safety of Journalists

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) is responsible for protecting and promoting human rights globally. In this conference,  "The Safety of Journalists" depends on you! Journalists have an important job — sharing information with the public about situations that are small and large. Unfortunately, they are being targeted for reporting the truth. Around the world, the lives of journalists are at stake because of the work they do. A world without journalists is a world without the truth. How can we make sure that we, the public, will not be restricted in our right to receive the truth?

Cherise Faye Pramudia |

Hello everyone! My name is Cherise Faye and I am a bachelor student in Leiden University, majoring in International Relations and Organizations. After finishing IB in March 2020, I had the opportunity to launch a non-profit organization called Telur Bagi Bangsa (@terlurbagibangsa) and we’ve been working to distribute eggs all around JABODETABEK ever since. I am really excited to be a part of EDUSUMMIT 2021, both as a chair and as an expert witness.  As a chair, I will do my best to facilitate the delegates towards creating best outcomes for the topic of discussion. Use this conference as your learning ground to speak up and advocate for this issue. Further questions may be directed to @cherisefaye on Instagram, I’ll be delighted to answer your questions, may it be about MUN, TBB or even myself :) Good luck and see you!

Putri Aimee Srijaya |

Hello all, it’s Putri here! I’m a junior at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) and it’s my pleasure to facilitate the UNHRC. I’m beyond elated to meet passionate and enthusiastic changemakers! It sure is exciting to see how calls to action through MUN can be simulated through the lenses of our own non-profit organisations. Please look forward to meeting the young founders of reputable and esteemed organisations of various backgrounds and initiatives. I will be acting as a proxy for my organisation IG @kasihdonasi.id, but you can find me personally on IG @putrisrijaya! Can’t wait to see you all in January!

Nadya Annabelle Lumy |

Hi, everyone! I’m Nadya and I’m currently a junior in Jakarta Intercultural School. I’m so so excited to represent my organisation Kasihdonasi.id and to chair you guys in this one of a kind MUN conference. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on some of the most pressing human rights issues in our world today and to see some of your creative solutions for them. If you have any questions or if you simply want to say hi, don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram @nadyalumyy ! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon!