United Nations Development Programme

Topic: Evaluating the Growth and Role of the Fashion Industry in Our Global Society

Fashion has become a staple in the everyday lives of 21st century people. As a result of its prevalence, there has been a rise in demand for clothing and apparel. This has given way to the rapid growth of the fast fashion industry, one that encompasses prominent fashion retailers, like Zara and H&M. Though fast fashion has greatly contributed to the development and growth of the fashion industry, it has created numerous adverse impacts on the environment and proliferated the problem of child labour. Delegates, it is your duty to figure out how we can solve these issues while also ensuring the development of the fashion industry with its role in today’s society.

Nadine Kei Inara |

Hi everyone! I’m Nadine Kei Inara, but you can call me Kei. My interest in public speaking and international affairs led me to finding my passion for MUN. I think that MUN allows delegates to learn new and most importantly learn new things. I am very thrilled to be chairing UNDP for Edusummit this year. I hope that through committee sessions we can all advocate for the development and change that this committee encourages. Wishing you all the best of luck. I can’t wait to see you all at EduSummit!

Lovelyta Stella Mercyfa Lukman |

Hello!! My name is Stella and I’m a sophomore at ACS Jakarta. I am extremely passionate about the things that interest me and 1 and a half years ago, MUNs and public speaking started to be one of those things. I absolutely love the environment that surrounds these MUNs and I am beyond excited to be chairing UNDP with my fellow friends at the Edsummit this year. I hope that you all will be just as excited to take part in this wonderful experience. Good luck and see you all soon!! 

Emma Batty Sukerta |

Hi all! My name is Emma and I am a junior at the Australian Independent School Jakarta. I am an environmental activist, passionate debater and athlete. I began participating in MUNs in 7th grade and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Outside of my MUN life, I am a devoted and stressed IB student. I can't wait to meet everybody and chair the UNDP for Edusunmit this year! I am extremely passionate about fighting against climate change and the environment, so I’m excited to listen in on the discussion. Good luck to everyone! Never be afraid to ask me questions or share me your concerns! See you all soon!