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EduBeyond will be able to be incorporated into any existing classroom, which makes it scaleable beyond the borders and restrictions of internally hiring teachers.

Our Features


Adaptive Learning

EduBeyond’s adaptive learning system generates personalized learning plans for students based on learning results and engagement metrics.

Our Product


Gamified LMS

All courses will be integrated into a gamified world, where course progression will be reflected in advancements in simulated role-playing to maximize student engagement and retention. 


Talent Search

Students will be scouted periodically through the progression of a course and be placed into accelerated curriculums for further academic enrichment. 


Accessible Implementation

EduBeyond works with regional governments in Southeast Asia to distribute our technology to regions whose educational infrastructures are most impacted by the adverse effect of Covid-19.


Teaching Assistant Tools

EduBeyond implements optical character recognition via machine learning to mark tests for instructors. This encourages teachers to form personal connections with students rather than focusing on autonomous tasks. 


"COSMO" Chatbot

“COSMO” is an AI chatbot that serves to encourage user engagement and establish language immersion for non-native speakers. 

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