Our Work In Indonesia

In a country where the educational system is underfunded, EDU Beyond’s presence in Indonesia is certainly more critical than in many places.


Here in Indonesia, we have had the honor of working with multiple, notable, non-profit organizations, including Inspirasia and Tangan Pengharapan. With the aid of these esteemed organizations, we have been able to carry out our mission of “eliminating educational disparity”, and have since provided academic aid to underprivileged youth in Indonesia.


Our members in Indonesia have this to say about the tutoring work. “Tutoring these young children,” says Carla Felisha: one of our tutors, “has been an incredible and enlightening experience. There is no better feeling than that of affecting someone’s life for the better, and teaching these kids to find joy in learning.”

EDU Beyond is grateful for the opportunity to have exacted change in these young children’s lives and will strive to continue to do so here in Indonesia. Our pledge to you — dear readers — is that our work will not stop, and certainly will make the world of tomorrow better than that of today.


Carla Felisha tutoring her students


English immersion on a national scale

Zero to One is a collective effort between numerous student-led NGOs to provide English (as a second language) tutoring services to the rural regions of Indonesia. Trained volunteers will teach students provided by yayasans from across the country. The goal is to establish a self sustaining tutoring program on a national level.


  • Recruited from schools such as JNY, SIS, BSJ, and ACS. 

  • Required to participate in a 5 hour training program

    • Q & A session with past tutors

    • Familiarizing with curriculum

    • Reviewing past lessons (recordings)


  • Developed by student and teachers from JNY

    • Simplified version of the school’s international curriculum 

  • Sample curriculum is designed to last 3 months 

    • One 1 hour session per week

    • Additional materials are available if student wishes to extend past 3 months