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Our Impact

With reference to our target population, current user base size, and development timeline, EduBeyond has a projected reach of 15,000-20,000 students

within just a year of the product launch. 

EduBeyond is a consultant for the EU’s delegation to Indonesia regarding the optimal funding allocation for public infrastructure development. 

Additionally, our workshops regarding basic programming and rudimentary AI applications were certified by Indonesia’s ministry of education, which has continued serving youths nationwide. 


EduBeyond is partnered with Singapore International School to develop a culturally conscious  English curriculum for Indonesian high school students. To further expand our reach, EduBeyond has added support from additional social enterprises consisting of 5000-6000 students each.


To quantify the interface’s effectiveness in increasing the retention rate of students, we are involved in mentorships with professors and researchers from  UC Berkeley, the University of Toronto, and Harvard. In the coming months, we will conduct controlled trials to gather relevant impact metrics and pinpoint areas regarding further optimization.

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Our Impact






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