District Courts

Welcome to court, delegates! Here, you will play key roles that help determine the fate of the defendant standing trial. If you ever wanted to experience being in trial, the district court is perfect for you! You will get to experience what it feels like to be in a (virtual) courtroom, from shouting “OBJECTION” and cross-examining the witnesses! 


This court will be like no other: it will take place in a country where moot courts don’t usually take place. EduSummit’s case will revolve around a pressing issue that is very significant in today’s world: child labour. By joining court, you, along with your team, will play a key part in determining the fate of the defendant standing trial. We hope that you will enjoy the unique case that the chairs have prepared for you.


Case: Prosecutor v Raj Chand

The beauty industry is known to be filled with glamour and sparkles - but little do you know: there is a dark side behind those sparkles. A body has been found in the mines- one of a young child. Raj Chand, a caretaker of an orphanage, now stands trial, accused of child trafficking and child labor. Play your part in deciding his fate: will he be deemed guilty or innocent of these charges?


Benedicta Tatiana Prameshwari |

Hey y’all! My name is Tati :D I started competing in mock trials and MUNs in early 2019. Safe to say, when I first entered the courtroom it was love at first sight. Other than competing in MUNs, my hobbies include drawing, studying history and binging animes (feel free to dm me your anime recommendations @benedicta.tatiana on Instagram). I hope that y’all have a great time in court! Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, I promise that I don’t bite. Good luck :)


Jessie Felicia Siauw | 

Hey everyone! I’m Jessie, one of your chairs for Edusummit’s DC. I started my MUN journey in 2019, but recently got into courts; I think its safe to say that courts is my favourite committee to compete in, because of the interesting cases and a different experience as a whole. With that being said, I hope that you guys will enjoy the cases that we have prepared for you, and if you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to DM me @luckyjessfel! Until then, good luck, delegates, and see you in court :D


Andrea Makatita |

Hello there! I’m Andrea, most know me as Dea, and I’m one of your Edusummit DC chairs. Funny enough, my MUN journey started just last year. So for all of you reading this, who have no idea what MUN is or how you’ll go about your MUN experience, trust me, I’ve been in your position. With that said, I want all of you to know that, if any of you have any doubts or just need a person to rant to (hehee, I’ll probably start ranting too), don’t hesitate to DM me @andrea.prscl. Hope all of you will enjoy your Edusummit experience, and I can’t wait to (virtually) meet all of you! <3