Zero to HERO: A.I. Coding Course

EDU Beyond is hosting Zero to Hero - an AI Workshop for high school students and exceptional grade six and seven students.


Through a series of four one-hour seminars, students will learn all the essential AI knowledge through hands-on and interactive mini-projects instead of the usual math-heavy and conceptual lectures. By the end of the course, students will have trained their first two AI models and be prepared to tackle a problem of their choice through their new superpower: AI.


We encourage students to apply if they want to:

The only prerequisite is a curious mind. Basic programming experience will make the course easier to understand but is not necessary. The first cohort will be limited to 15 people to maximize interaction. 


Acceptances will be done on a rolling basis with a greater chance of acceptance for earlier applicants.



Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PST on March 11, 2021.

  1. Impact this world as a youth innovator

  2. Jumpstart their foray into the world of AI

  3. Utilize their potential to nurture their curiosity  during spring break 

A Message From Your Instructor:

Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 6.27.34 AM.png

To my future students,

        Hi! I’m Tienlan, your instructor in this AI Workshop. By day, I’m a grade eleven student at Eric Hamber Secondary, by night, I research medical artificial intelligence inspired by my favorite robot: Baymax!

Tienlan Sun

(Canada-Wide Science Fair)



         One of my projects, TeleAEye, brings part of Baymax to life to combat the global lack of eye care. It’s been shortlisted by Youth Science Canada as one of the top 30 science fair projects in Canada for two years in a row (2020-21). I’ve presented this project to the executive members of a biotechnology company and I’m currently partnering with telemedicine companies to bring TeleAEye to the frontlines. With my skills in AI, I’ve also landed myself an internship at an AI cloud management startup. 


        Through this workshop, I’m hoping to jumpstart your journey towards making a change through AI and share my fascination with this revolutionary technology.

I'm looking forward to teaching and discussing these Ideas with you in our class!

-- Tienlan Sun