This branch was established on September 10th, 2020

        Michael is a grade 11 student at Vancouver College. His main passions include curling and spending time on the beaches of Brazil. Michael has been a prolific curler since a young age ad represents Brazil on the youth Olympic Curling team. Michael is excited to participate as a branch manager at EDU Beyond and is ready to find connections to enrich the learning opportunities in his community.

Michael Velve

        Gabi is a grade 11 student at Riverside Secondary. She loves studying new languages and speaks Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Gabi also enjoys curling with her friends and represented Brazil at the 2020 Youth Olympics Games. She's ready to develop meaningful connections through EDU Beyond and to use her leadership skills to create change in her community.

Gabriela Rogic

Felipe is a grade 11 IB student, currently studying at Brockton Preparatory School in Lynn Valley. Felipe recently came to Canada from Brazil and is excited into working with EDU Beyond in the Brazil Branch. Felipe enjoys playing sports and spending quality  time with his friends.

Felipe Zatz

Leticia is a grade 10 student currently attending McMath Secondary. She is excited to learn more about how education works. When not working, Leticia is usually reading, writing or drawing.

Leticia Cid