Become a Tutor 

Below, can find information regarding our tutor signup system, expectations, and frequently asked questions.



Commitment: As a tutor at EduBeyond, you will be required to commit to a student for a minimum of 3 months (the period can be extended if an agreement is reached between the tutor and the student). There is no requirement on the amount of hours/week as that will be negotiated between you and the student or their parent. However, we do expect you to commit to the schedule that you have agreed upon. 


Communication: In order to establish an effective work environment, we expect all tutors to respond to text messages/emails within 24 hours. Having a communicative tutor plays a big part in establishing an effective system. 


Accountability: Though your role as a tutor is voluntary, we expect you to be accountable to both the organization and the student. This includes showing up to each session on time and preparing adequate material for each session. 


Professionalism: At EduBeyond, the goal is not only to provide free education but also to encourage involvement within the community. As you will be both a tutor and a mentor, we hope that you will maintain professionalism and a positive outlook during your interactions with your student. 


Signup Process

1. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please sign up here.


2. We will reach out to you in 1-2 days to schedule an interview session. 


3. After the interview, we will notify you regarding your application status in 1-2 days. Once you are accepted, we will start the matching process.


4. Once the student has been found, you will be matched with the student or their parent.


5. Once the matching process is done, it is your responsibility to establish a schedule that is appropriate for both of you.



Q: How much do I make as a tutor?

A: As EduBeyond is a non-profit organization, you will not be paid for the time you spend tutoring. Please note that external negotiations with the students regarding compensation will result in your termination from the organization. 


Q: What is the sign-up and interview process like?

A: The signup process will require you to give basic information such as your grade and the courses you prefer to teach. During the interview, we will try to understand your teaching style as well as additional details that are not mentioned in the survey.


Q: How will I be matched with a student?

A: The student will be matched based on the information you’ve given regarding your availability, subject of interest as well as additional preferences.


Q: Are there other ways to be involved other than tutoring?

A: Though a majority of EduBeyond members will be tutors, it is possible to help out in other aspects: contributing to the blog section, working as a volunteer coordinator, and assisting with development. *Note that the availability of the positions mentioned above is subject to change.


Q: What are the hour requirements for a tutor?

A: There is no hard limit on the number of hours required per week. However, we do expect you to commit to any arrangements you have made with your student.


Q: What grade level do I need to be eligible?

A: Though there is no official grade limit, we are looking for tutors who are grade 10 or higher. If you are grade 10 or below but have experience with a higher-level course, we will be more than happy to have you on our team.