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About EduSummit

EduSummit 2021 is an international, online Model United Nations conference based in Jakarta, Indonesia, as well as Vancouver, Canada. Organized by Edukita and EDU Beyond, EduSummit brings delegates and youth-led organizations from all over the world together through a diverse range of committees offering a plethora of intriguing topics, creating a truly international experience.


During our inaugural conference on the weekend of January 30-31, 2021, we aim to facilitate discussion of the social topics that our collaborating organizations advocate for in real life. Over the weekend, EduSummit will serve as a platform to connect delegates with student-led organizations. After vigorously exploring and debating the contentious topics we offer, students will emerge with a more advanced understanding of the complex issues that confront our world today. 

About Edukita

We aim to provide better access to a broader education for Indonesian children and develop their lifelong skills by constructing mini libraries, educational facilities, and extracurricular activities as well. We believe that we can all achieve unity through education and development. Our organisation has hosted a wide variety of fundraising events such as: bazaars, charity concerts, MUNs, cooking events and webinars. With these funds gathered, we allocate them to building our mini-libraries. 

Letter from edukita

On behalf of EduKita,


I would like to formally welcome all of you to EduSummit 2021. I think that EduSummit is best described as EduKita and EDU Beyond’s joint attempt to make the best of two different worlds through an online Model UN conference. Our goal for this conference is to facilitate an active discussion on relevant social issues while also allowing delegates to get a chance to directly meet and interact with different student-led organizations that are trying to alleviate these issues in the real world. At the end of the day, we want delegates to learn more about the complex issues that face our world today and see how our collaborating student-led organizations are trying to address that reality. 


Best regards, 


Darren Lee

EduKita Conference Advisor for EduSummit


The following student-led organizations have played an integral role in organizing EduSummit 2021, and the topic choices for EduSummit's committees reflect their  areas of focus.

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Hand to Hand Jakarta

Our overarching goal is to improve the education system in Indonesia by providing the most vulnerable and underprivileged communities with basic necessities.



Fíltro aims to help out the less fortunate in light of the tough times ahead of us, as we notice how we as Indonesians can help each other get through this COVID-19 pandemic. Furthermore, by achieving our goals of raising funds for those disproportionately affected by the pandemic, we forsee a potential future where Indonesia is able to recover faster with the help of non-profits like us.


Jakarta Model Parliament

We hope to raise awareness about Indonesian national issues by allowing high school students to roleplay members of the Indonesian government.


Tears and Temptations

We aim to provide a place where people can freely share and express their experiences, stories, struggles, feelings and emotions in order to connect with people alike as well as receive advice, feedback, and facts regarding stated issues to raise awareness.

Triton Logo.jpeg

Triton Foundation

We aim to enhance the quality of life for the community by providing a public library and facilities for education and leisure time for people irrespective of age, infirmity, disablement or economic circumstances. Through the books that they read in the public library, we hope to give the kids of Cijeruk, Bogor a chance to expand their knowledge and imagination. We believe that the establishment of this library is a stepping stone towards their education.


Benang untuk Bangsa

Benang untuk Bangsa aims to improve the quality of life of the local underprivileged communities through collaboration, education, and provision of self-sustaining capabilities.

young minds.jpeg

Young Minds Global

Young Minds Global strives to bridge the distance between students who are determined to ignite a change in their local communities or greater regions, and to help passionate youths develop a stronger network.

return the favor.jpeg

Return the Favor

Keeping true to our name, we aim to return the favor to the less fortunate who work hard in our community and are in need of aid by partnering with local businesses to raise funds.


We aim to help small orphanages, institutions of special needs children, or the community in general with hopes to provide equal access as much as possible.


Bye Bye Plastic Bags Jakarta

Our mission is to reduce the plastic waste produced in Jakarta.

wandering minds.jpg

Wandering Minds ID

We aim to foster an interactive community with critically-minded and socially-aware individuals equipped with emotional intelligence and who are open-minded to different opinions. We provide thought-provoking concepts and discussions through interactive content based on the personal interests of our team and audience, encompassing the scope of philosophy, pop culture, mental health, and more.

Kasih donasi.png aims to ease the process of giving and receiving. We bridge the gap between donors and foundations that need help. We aim to make it simpler for everyone and anyone to give back to the community anytime and anywhere.

anak edukasih.jpeg

Anak Edukasih

Our aim is to assist under-priviledged kids in preparing for their competance test, teaching basic subjects and to raise funds to support their education.


Green Welfare

Our overarching goal is to improve the education system in Indonesia by providing the most vulnerable and underprivileged communities with basic necessities.

pause for a cause.jpeg

Pause For A Cause

Our mission is to help people being affected by the pandemic such as social workers and gojek drivers. We believe that it is our time to give back and support them as they helped us. Pause For A Cause is a charity organization and we hope to raise money for the better good. 

Green Scheme LOGO color.png

Green Scheme

Our mission is to tackle Indonesia’s waste management and advocate for a more sustainable Indonesia by providing our services, solutions, and education.


Sustain the Nation

Sustain the Nation aims to educate, inspire, and empower youth in hopes of actualizing sustainable development.


Telur Bagi Bangsa

Telur Bagi Bangsa aims to provide egg packages to civilian workers who are not able to afford day to day meals due to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 quarantine period. We also strive to act as a platform for those who wish to contribute to this aim without breaking social distancing regulations.


InterMUN Organization

InterMUN Organization is a student-led non-profit organization that aims to provide a platform for teenagers to develop their ideas and contribute back to society.

teencov with name.png


We aim to efficiently and sufficiently supply face shields and other forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to regional, underfunded hospitals and clinics through youth motivation.


The Audacity Report

We aim to expand the global awareness of young individuals and to inspire action in the face of indifference. 

mari kita HD copy.jpg

Mari Kita Bahas

We aim to spread more awareness on tough and uncomfortable issues that people are reluctant to talk about because they overlook it or are afraid to.