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EduBeyond accelerates the learning process for youths in developing regions through a gamified adaptive-learning interface.

Our MissionBook

EduBeyond's mission is to make quality education universally accessible.


Through our gamified interface, we will elevate learning efficiency with AI integration, product accessibility, and government licensed distribution.

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Our Product_

EduBeyond will be able to be incorporated into any existing classroom, which makes it scaleable beyond the borders and restrictions of internally hiring teachers.

EduBeyond's adaptive learning system generates personalized learning plans for students based on their learning results.

Adaptive Learning

All courses will be integrated into a gamified world, where course progression will be reflected in advancements in simulated role-playing.

Gamified LMS

Students will be scouted periodically through the progression of a course and be placed into accelerated curriculums.

Talent Search

EduBeyond implements optical character recognition via machine learning to mark tests for instructors, accelerating autonomous tasks.

Teaching Assistant Tools

EduBeyond works with regional governments to distribute our technology to regions whose educational infrastructures are most impacted by Covid-19.

Accessible Implementation

"COSMO" is an AI chatbot that serves to encourage user engagement and establish language immersion for non-native speakers. "

"COSMO" AI Powered Chatbot

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Originating in Canda, EduBeyond was founded in Vancouver in 2019. Since then, we've extended our reach towards major cities such as Toronto and PLACEHOLDER.


EduBeyond has expanded towards 5 major nonprofits in Indonesia. Since then, we've extended our reach towards major cities such as Toronto PLACEHOLDER


Our Impact

With reference to our target population, current user base size, and development timeline, EduBeyond has a projected reach of 15,000-20,000 students within just a year of the product launch.


$15,000 Raised

5,000 Students Reached

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200 Volunteers Recruited

8 Countries Established